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Volunteer Opportunities

We have a great group of volunteers who are helping out the orchestra.  If you have the extra time and a generous heart, we have a place for you too!  The typical areas where volunteers can help are below.  Please contact RCCLO for more information.

I. Community Connections

a. Website Management

b. Website Responses

c. Publicity

i. Web & Website announcements

ii. Posters

iii. Tickets

iv. Programs

d. Find new audiences for community outreach

II. Orchestra support 

a. Manage rehearsal venue(s)

i. Arrange for locations

ii. Set up & take down equipment (chairs, stands, percussion)

b. Manage concert venues

i. Locate and secure contracts

ii. Transport equipment/instruments

iii. Set up and take down equipment (chairs, stands, percussion)

iv. Set up & operate audio equipment (amplification, recording)

c. Manage equipment

i. Repair stands, chairs, etc

ii. Arrange for instrument repair

III. Financial management

a. Organize annual donor fund-raising event

b. Organize annual volunteer recognition event

c. Manage private & corporate donation strategies

IV. Support Operations

a. Manage calendar

i. Rehearsals (full orchestra, chamber groups)

ii. Concerts (full orchestra, chamber groups)

iii. Meetings (Board of Directors, volunteer groups, etc)

b. Manage music library

i. Order/download music

ii. Make rehearsal copies

iii. File masters and copies of music for future use

c. Create recordings (MP3, CD, DVD)

Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra
1124 13th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95822

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