Green Room

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does RCCLO stand for?  Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra. 

2. When and where is the next performance?  See “Concerts”.

3. Can I get on an email list for notification of future concerts?  Go to “Contact Us”.

4. Do you use my email for any other purposes?  Is it shared?  No.   And no.

5. How much do tickets cost?  Most concerts are free.  There is 1 fundraising concert each year.

6. How do I join the orchestra? Go to "Join Us"

7. How much does it cost a musician to join?   Annual dues are currently $80.00.

8. How often does the orchestra practice? Once each week from late Aug – early June.

9. What can I do to help the orchestra succeed? Donate, Join, Volunteer, and/or Shop!  Go to “Support Us”.

10. Why does a non-profit orchestra need funds? Go to “Support Us”.

11. Do you have fun? Oh, yes!  In between all the hard work!

Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra
1124 13th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95822

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