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October 21, 2017  - 4 pm 

California's Golden Heritage 

Pete Nowlen Conducting 

Join the RCCLO’s celebration of California’s unique history through the music of renowned California composer Ferde Grofé.  The orchestra will perform movements from Grofé’s Hollywood, Death Valley, San Francisco and Wheels Suites.

To begin the concert the composer’s son Ferde Grofé, Jr., will recite his original poem “Sequoia” while the RCCLO performs his father’s final musical composition of the same name.  This unique collaborative effort by father and son was created in 1970 and is dedicated to the glorious, giant trees of Sequoia National Park, California. 

The RCCLO is honored to perform this beautiful and unique tribute with Ferde Grofé, Jr. and we are delighted to welcome him to Rancho Cordova.


By popular demand - an encore performance by Derek Sup in his brilliant multimedia musical composition - "Piano Concerto:  Debra's Recital".

Plus music of the Beach Boys, Disney, and Hollywood Cinema!

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California's Golden Heritage

In it’s most unique concert to date the RCCLO honors California’s Golden Heritage. Balanced precariously on a fault line our state is the world’s 6th largest economy, blessed with abundant natural resources and some of the most exotic natural wonders in existence.  A geographically diverse landscape, California’s riches have fired the imaginations of people inspiring millions to come and make it their home.


While California is an agricultural and industrial powerhouse, it is also the world’s leader in the arts, entertainment, and information technology, proving that the state’s greatest resource is the imagination and creative energy of her people.  California is culturally diverse, and for the most part that diversity is not merely tolerated, but embraced and recognized for the strength it brings to human creativity and society.  


A chance meeting between RCCLO conductor Pete Nowlen and Oakland composer Derek Sup led to RCCLO’s world premier in March 2017 of a fresh new work for solo piano and orchestra.  Initially, neither Pete nor anyone in the orchestra knew that the piano teacher who inspired “Piano Concerto: Debra’s Recital” was local pianist and teacher Debra Miller.  Honoring Debra’s memory through music and the accompanying multimedia presentation has provided a new dimension to Derek’s musical voice.   The performance in March was so enthusiastically received that we decided, and are thrilled, to present an encore of this very special concerto to everyone in Rancho Cordova.


Pete Nowlen is passionate about music, people, and people who make music.    In creating a concert which would best complement the encore performance of Derek Sup’s concerto Pete wanted to present music which would highlight the history of California, and also celebrate the creative spirit of Californians.  Long familiar with the music of American composer Ferde Grofé, Pete decided to select individual movements from the many musical suites Grofé composed during his lifetime - which featured important sites and events in California’s history.  In doing so Pete created a musical telling of the history of California and a unique and creative way of presenting the music of Ferde Grofé.  We are very proud to welcome our special guest, Ferde Grofé, Jr. to this concert.  We are grateful for his generosity in sharing his own talent as a writer as well as his personal heritage through his father’s memory and music. 


History is a fundamentally important concept for humankind. While young we are taught history - memorizing dates, learning about events, trying desperately to gain perspective in doing so.  As we age each of us develops a unique lens through which we view the world.  If we are smart we continue throughout our lives to learn from history in all of its dimensions, in order to better focus our vision.  We hope you enjoy the musical history we present for you today – both recent and distant.  History teaches us who we are while helping us to imagine what we might become. 

Board of Directors – Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra             

October 21, 2017

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