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A Little Afternoon Music
Sunday, May 21, 2017 -- 4pm

Join the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra for our annual free concert in the food court!


Broadway Showstoppers

Mendelssohn's dramatic The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) Overture

Pirates of the Caribbean

HMS Pinafore Overture by Sulivan

London Symphony No. 104, Movement 1 by Haydn

Salute to the Cinema

Koreana International Marketplace Food Court
10971 Olson Drive, Rancho Cordova

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Experience "Remembering Home"

"Home" is where individual qualities are not simply tolerated but where they are shared, encouraged and celebrated by others.  Writing home to his sister a young Felix Mendelssohn described his adventures exploring the Scottish west coast.  Mendelssohn was so inspired he composed The Hebrides – music that perfectly captures the motion of the sea in one of nature’s most remarkable sites, Fingal’s Cave.  His sister Fanny, instantly understood Mendelssohn’s feelings and love of Scotland as only a sibling could.

Antonin Dvorak’s 8th Symphony is a beautiful tapestry of Bohemian folk tunes, a sunny homage to his beloved Czech homeland.  Despite success living in America - capturing the essence and spirit of American music in his later, more famous New World Symphony, Dvorak returned to his native Bohemia largely due to homesickness.
A chance meeting between RCCLO conductor Pete Nowlen and Oakland composer Derek Sup led to the world premiere of a fresh new work for solo piano and orchestra.  At the time neither Pete nor anyone in the orchestra knew that the piano teacher who inspired “Piano Concerto: Debra’s Recital” was local pianist and teacher Debra Miller.  Honoring Debra’s memory in this concerto and the accompanying multimedia presentation has brought Derek Sup full circle – it has brought him home.  Derek returns to Rancho Cordova, a community that values and prioritizes the arts.  And he honors one of the most vital components in any community – a teacher, who inspired him and believed in him even when he didn’t quite believe in himself. 

Making music in Rancho Cordova is how we teach and learn life’s most important lessons.  Through practice, rehearsal and performance we learn the discipline of patience; understand the value of listening to and really hearing each other; experience the joy of developing and achieving a shared vision together; preserve a rich, diverse, cultural history which spans centuries; and appropriately express dissonance in order to achieve harmony.   In making music we are home.

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